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The company IVIS – Project and Design Ltd. offers promptness, reliability, and high quality of construction services. This fact is due to the precise and hard work of the management, engineering and technical personnel and the highly qualified executive personnel, as well as to the use of new construction technologies.

Built and put into operation in compliance with the normative requirements of the legislation in force in the country are many residential and industrial buildings, and sports facilities on the territory of Bulgaria. The company constructs buildings with monolith structure, as well as with prefabricated bearing structures including buildings with special functions and technologies of execution. 

The company works in the sphere of dry construction by mounting high quality suspended ceilings, partition walls and pre-wall linings, and offers a wide range of interior and exterior decisions. In this way we give our contribution to the popularization of this new type of construction and we make it accessible to our clients. IVIS – Project and Design Ltd. has at its disposal highly qualified mounters with more than 5 years of experience in the field of dry construction.

One of the quickly gaining recognition tendencies in the suspended ceilings from plasterboard is the improvement of their functionality. In the integrated ceiling systems there already are implemented highly technological decisions, which allow built in receiver-transmitter devices, lighting systems, sound systems, heating cooling systems, security sensors, fire detection systems, and other building installations. The cardboard plaster sheets can be used for leveling of ceiling, instead of wet plasters. In these cases they are usually fixed on the ceiling with a metal structure.  As a whole the suspended cardboard plaster ceilings have a universal application, but they are extremely suitable for basements and rooms, above which are situated bathrooms. In this case if there is a leakage the suspended ceiling provides a quick and easy access for repair and only the damaged panels are replaced. This saves time, money and inconvenience.

The company fulfills the following construction and assembly works and services separately: 

  • Dry construction
  • Suspended ceilings (cardboard); 
  • Suspended ceilings (armstrong); 
  • Suspended ceilings (PVC); 
  • Partition walls;
  • Dry plaster;
  • Pre-wall linings;  
  • Decorative elements;
  • Vinyl siding;  
  • American type houses.

Rough construction

  • Formwork;
  • Reinforcement works;
  • Concrete works.

Masonry works

Carpentry works 

Tin works

  • Assembly of water catching containers from galvanized sheet iron; 
  • Assembly of water drainpipes  from galvanized sheet iron. 

Roof insulation works

Painting works

Plasters and puttying

  • External plasters;
  • Internal plasters.


  • Floorings from marble, garnitogress, terracotta tiles for floors, etc.   
  • Wooden flooring, parquet.


Water and sewage

  • Water and sewage systems for residential and office buildings, apartments, hotels, bars, etc.

Electrical installation

  • Electrical installations for residential and office buildings, apartments, hotels, bars, etc.

Heating and ventilation orologi replica

Other finishing works 

From its establishment IVIS – Project and Design Ltd. has already completed more than 100 projects, 70 % of which are private housing projects, as well as hotels and restaurants.

The many years of experience in construction works guarantees the quality of our work.


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