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Project: Resident block of flats housing estate Mladost, Sofia Regulated built-up estate I 1765, sq m2
Project Type: residential buildings

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SITE: Resident block of flats – housing estate Mladost, Sofia – Regulated built-up estate I – 1765,sq m2

PART: Architecture

This project has been developed according to the assignment of the Investor as per the project permit issued by the Mladost municipality. In developing the project all requirements of the Law on the Layout of

Territory, Regulation no.7 on the terms and order of the layout of territory as well as any and all other relevant legal requirements related to construction, sanitation and fire protection have duly been observed.

According to the project permit the building is located along the regulation line of the plot from North-East and West.

Functional solution

The building has been designed with one-level basement floor, ground floor, two conventional residential floors and two under-roof / attic floors.

The project of the basement space / elevation –2.80 / additionally provides for an underground garage rooming 19 cars and cellars to the residential part of the building. The underground garage shall be accessed from the west through a ramp. The access from the building interior to the basement shall be done by a ladder which will be secured for fire protection.

The ground floor shall host a total of six /6/ individual stores each of which provided with a lavatory and an attached storage space accessible from the west and the north-east, two office rooms and an entrance for the residential part with a door-keeping room. A double-ray ladder and elevator will provide for the vertical communication.

Floor two and floor three will room each 8 flats /2 of which three-room flats, one – two-room flat, five single-room flats.

Attic floor one shall room 8 flats /1 three-room flat, 2 two-room flats, 5 single-room flats.
Attic floor two shall room two flats, three studios and one maisonette flat connected via an inner ladder to level elevation +14.50.

Elevation +14.50 shall room a technical space servicing the elevator.

Functional architecture description

There will be two individual functional areas within each flat – one for daily stays and one for night rest. The first area shall room an entrance, a functionally differentiated living room /rest, alimentation, etc./, a kitchen /kitchenette/ while the second area will host the sleeping rooms and bathrooms. Living and sleeping rooms will be connected to balconies.

Residential rooms will be located in such direction as to allow for the favourable climate and sanitation conditions therein.

The architectural concept of the building shows puristic design of the lines and shapes also taking into account the environment.

Implementation of the construction project

The building has been projected for monolithic implementation in reinforced concrete – anti-earthquake rings, columns and beams. The walls will be brickwork and cellular concrete blocks. The flooring of the ladder and common parts of the building will be tessellated. The roofing will be done in 45º-tilted bardoline-plated concrete shingles. All concrete-based surfaces visible at the façade will have thermal insulation in order to block temperature bridges. Windows will be PVC-shelled in glass fiber.

Facades will be produced in mineral plaster – white and tinted.

Balcony railings will be 105 cm high, sub-window railings being 50 and 85 cm.

Any and all fire protection and sanitary requirements specific for this type of building have been observed in the construction project.

Technical and economical parameters

  • Built-up area – ground floor  - 602,70 sq m
  • Built-up area - conventional floor - 660,20 sq m
  • Total built-up area    - 4009,65 sq m
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