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The company headquarters, with a floor space of 10000m2, are situated between Florence and Arezzo in Tuscany, Italy. Founded in 1956 by Marcello Gobbini, in 1962 the group began to evolve with the creation of Artelinea S.p.A. The crystal is the idea, the fire is the talent. The culture of the beauty of ARTELINEA interprets the purity and lightness of one of the most fascinating and ecological materials created by man, moulding it in perfect harmony with our natural habitat. All ARTELINEAs products are fully conceived, designed and made in italy in the respect of the existing european rules. Technological progress. With particular attention to the technological progress, ARTELINEA always uses avantgarde machineries, without forgetting the art of the fine hand craft. The working units, the technical offices, the trade and administrative services are located on one immense area divided by two factories. Expert technicians guarantee the maximum quality of the workings, with the are of high technology numerical control machines, all our products sre strictly made in italy.

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