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Project Type: commercial buildings

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 SITE:  HOTEL SPA CENTRE,zone land VI, qudrant 62,Strelcha

INVESTOR:    “Forest” Ltd

LOCALITY:  Strelcha

  Build up area: 3907, 00  sq/m

CONTRACTOR:  “IVIS – Project and Design” Ltd

PROJECT LEADER:  Arch. Emil Lekov

. General notes

The project is prepared in connection to the published by the Municipality of Strelcha public tender for V – Hotel Spa Centre in the town of Strelcha.

The project documentation contains two parts:
1. Detailed Structure Plan in compliance with Article 110, paragraph 1, item 3 from the Territory Bulgarian Territorial Structure Act – Construction Plan - Scale 1:500
2. Provisional Investment Project  - part Architecture Scale 1:100

.  Construction Plan for V, quadrant 62

The Plan is prepared on the basis of the issued layout, enclosed in the tender documentation for the specified . The latter is located in the central part of the town of Strelcha in the proximity to the SPA Complex “Roza” and to the geothermal catchment’s area. 

The area for the development of the property is 2037 square meters; the manner of use is for building a Hotel Spa Complex for rehabilitation, prophylactics and recreation.

For the design have been used the following:
- Layout N0 192 from 01.12.2004 issued by the Strelcha Municipality;
- Tender documentation issued by the Strelcha Municipality.

The design has complied with all the requirements set by the Municipality, namely:
1. Low buildings according to Article 23, paragraph 1, item 1 from the Bulgarian Territorial Structure Act;
2. Density of construction up to 50%, according to Article 28, paragraph 2, item 1 from Ordinance 7 - Regulations and norms for the structure of the different types of territory and structural zones;
3. Intensity of construction up to 2,0 according to Article 28, paragraph 2, item 2 from Ordinance 7 - Regulations and norms for the structure of the different types of territory and structure zones;
4. Green areas minimum 50% according to Article 28, paragraph 2, item 3 from Ordinance 7 - Regulations and norms for the structure of the different types of territory and structure zones.

The submitted materials are produced in compliance to Article 48, paragraph 1 and paragraph 3, item 1 and 3 from Ordinance 8 for the volume and content of the structure schemes and plans.


.1. Analysis of the existing situation

V is located in the North part of quadrant 62 according the plan of the town of Strelcha, which is in the central part of the town. Part of the is with ill kept vegetation.

The existing and serving street on the North of provides the access to the property.

There is potential for connecting to the town’s electricity and sewage systems, as well as for supplying with mineral water from the existing geothermal catchment’s area South of  quadrant 62.

.2 Detailed construction plan

When positioning the Hotel Spa Complex the leading idea was making maximum use of the natural terrain and providing comfortable communication access to the site. Following this idea it was designed in such a manner that the outer contour of the hotel follow the introduced with the design limitation line following the contour of the street regulation from North to Northeast.

The structure of the territory V envisages the following sub-sites:

- Hotel building with reception part, living quarters, restaurant, rehabilitation centre and an underground garage for 15 cars;
- total capacity of  73 beds;
- Outdoor swimming pool - 398,00 square meters;
- Green area – 1177 square meters.

.3. Technical and economical indicators and balance of the breitling replica territory
With the design the following indicators have been achieved in compliance with Article 28,  paragraph 2, items 1,2, and 3 from Ordinance 7 - Regulations and norms for the structure of the different types of territory and structural zones:

 Indicators according the project Permissible values by the norm
Density of construction % 40,50 %   up to50 %
Intensity of construction 1,4030 %                           0,5 % to 2,0 %

The balance for V, quadrant 62 Hotel Spa Centre is the following:

 Elements of  Indicators in square meters Percentage
1. Constructed area    825,00  40,50
2. Transport alleys    35,00                            3,73
3. Green area, water area and park alleys, including: 1177,00                          55,77
 - Park alleys    180,00 
 - Water area    190,00   
 - Green area    897,00 
 Total      2037,00  100,00%

. Provisional investment project – part “Architecture”

This project is executed in compliance with Section I, from Article 27 to Article 31 from Ordinance 4 dated 21.05.2001 for the volume and contents of investment projects.

Part “Architecture” is presented in the following drawings:
- Plan for elevation basement;
- Plan for elevation ground floor;
- Plan for standard hotel floor;
- Plan for mansard floor;
- Longitudinal section and cross section;
- Facades;
- 3D miniature model.

Additionally, by the decision of the designer are presented realistic photos.

.1. Functional and Planning Decisions 

For the Hotel Spa Centre is envisaged the construction of a hotel with an outdoor swimming pools, for which will be used the existing hot mineral springs in the area. The hotel will be monolith three-floor building with a mansard floor.

The main entrance of the Hotel is situated in its North West part and it is orientated to the servicing transport alley. The entrance level – elevation 0,00 is 30 cm above the terrain. In the foyer are positioned the main staircase, the reception, the entrance to the SPA Centre and entrance to the restaurant. The restaurant itself is designed on one level with the possibility for access from the outside from the pedestrian alley on the Southeast and an exit to the open terrace with grenery on the West.  This decision gives the possibility during the summer period the area of the restaurant to be incorporated with the yard and the swimming pool. On the Southwest is envisaged a transport loading platform for the parking in basement.
The balneological and rehabilitation centers of the SPA Centre are located in the basement and ground floor in the hotel.

The basement is at elevation  – 3,30. Here is situated the other part of the rehabilitation block, where the doctor’s and physiotherapy cabinets are situated. The vertical connection between its two levels as well as with the hotel is done through the main staircase.

The storage area for the kitchen is situated in the basement, and the supplies are delivered by a loading platform on the Southwest side of the hotel. In the basement are located all installation and other service premises. The underground parking for the guests of the hotel provides 15 parking spaces.

The rooms of the hotel are developed on two floors plus one mansard floor. The two standard floors with two-side construction have on each floor 17 double rooms, 2 luxury double rooms, 2 two-room suites and one office for the chambermaids. On the mansard floor are 2 single rooms, 8 double rooms, 1 luxury double room and 1 suite.

In a separate projection at elevation 1200 is situated 1 double luxury room.
The total number of the rooms is 73.

The roof of the hotel is envisaged to be executed with reinforced concrete construction. It is sloped and covered with roof-tiles BRAMAK.

The façade is designed in the spirit of the Bulgarian houses. The choice of the materials for the façade is complied with those typical for the region. For this purpose are used stone facing, wooden facing for the eaves and the balconies, wooden frames for the joinery, white plaster.

During the design of the complex are observed the requirements for the categorization of the tourist sites and Article 169 from the Bulgarian Territorial Structure Act, namely:

- Fire safety of the construction – provided are evacuation exists, used are non-flammable materials or such with high resistance to fire, protective paints, varnishes, etc. 

- Safe usage of the site – provided are the necessary safety railings, used are the appropriate for the respective type of premises flooring, materials with damaging effect on human health are not used;

- The project is in compliance with ordinance 6 from 2003 for building an accessible environment in urbanized territories.

. 2. Technical and economical indicators

Total number of rooms: - 2single rooms
- 35 double rooms
- 4 luxury double rooms
- 3 double room suites
- 2 chambermaids offices
Total number of beds - 73 beds


Built area    - 825,00 square meters
Spread out built area   - 2858,00 square meters
Built area on each level: 
Basement   -  1049,00 square meters
Ground floor  -    825,00 square meters
1-st standard floor  -    750,00 square meters
1-nd standard floor  -    618,00 square meters
Mansard floor  -    611,00  square meters
Small tower  -    54,00 square meters
Total    -  3907,00 square meters


Elevation  Absolute  Comparative
Terrain 482,30                         - 0,30
0,00 482,60                              0,00
Cornice  492,80  + 10,00


Observed are all requirements of the decision of the Municipality Council of the town of Strelcha regarding the tender documentation for specifying the characte

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