Title: Prince of Monaco makes us advertising
Date: 10-01-2012

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Description: Prince of Monaco makes us advertising

Two large posters with the logo of our best winter resort of Bansko, Eastern Europe, the stadium was "Louis II" in Monaco for the traditional game of team stars Prince Albert II against the pilots of Formula 1 (2:4).

Our logo was also on all advertisements and make personal bileti. Zhestat Prince of Monaco for the failed 6th edition of the charity World Star Ski event, which had to be in March but was postponed because of the death of his aunt Princess Antoinette.

During the match it was announced that the next race of the Foundation Albert II will be from 25 to 27 January Bansko. It is probably to appear on the legendary seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher Formula 1.

Meanwhile it became clear that unless women's World Cup next year Bansko as nothing could have accepted and male pore. The decision to host canceled launches in Japan due to nuclear disaster that followed the devastating earthquake that will be taken on 5 June in Portoroz (Slvn), which held a conference calendar of FIS.
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