Title: "Vitosha Ski":
Date: 01-08-2012

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Description: "Vitosha Ski":
We do not want change in the
fake IWC pilot uk law, we want categorization of tracks

However, the company was accused of manipulating one of the smaller investors in the mountains.
After eight months lifts Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo went again. Although both are quite old, the conclusion of the State Technical Supervision Agency is that now are ok.
From "Vitosha ski" but said that the launch of Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo lifts does not mean that the ski season will be held.
The company insists on replacing nine lifts in the mountains,franck muller conquistador replica but say they can not do it now because of the current Forest Act. Changes were stopped after protests from environmentalists.
"We are the owners of the facilities and must maintain them," said Peter Petrov, a lawyer of "Vitosha Ski". "We could keep track, but we can not subtract them from the state forest fund".
It turns out that it is unprofitable for the company because there is no guarantee that by investing in facilities will then sign the lease on the slopes. "They are the owners of lifts, but the ground beneath them has different owners - the state, municipalities, private owners'" said Jana Petrova, Director of the Natural Park "Vitosha". "They fall within Paragraph 22 - they own the facilities but to use the tracks must have a guarantee that rent will conclude to invest ".
The manager of the "Vitosha ski and snowboard schools" Asparuh Machirski it is not.
"In 2005 an ordinance was adopted to categorize the law for tourism. There clearly says that the owner of the facility shall rank below the ground," explained Machirski. This was made all the small investors in the mountains. He blamed "Vitosha Ski" did not have "bothered to delineate those areas with drawings, projects and submit them in the Forest, as we have done all the small investors".
According to the lawyer of "Vitosha Ski" However, the company can not provide sketches. "The track is a building, it has an external boundary. This is based on the planning of replica chopard watches sale a competent designer," says Peter Petrov.
"No problem with the seasons, it is manipulation. Aleko is 12 months a year and three months hiking skiing," said Machirski.

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